Late Winter Gratitude

My First Journal Entry

Although the view no longer looks like this as there has been rain and warmer weather for the past few days, this photo reminds me of the love affair I am having with Mother Earth. This is the tree I see every day from my office window; she courts blue jays, cardinals, and an occasional hawk. She is wearing lovely crystal earrings seeming to delight in absorbing water's nourishment.

I wake up every day with immense gratitude as there are days I cannot believe this is my life. I bow in gratitude before leaving the house-thankfully, not a daily necessity- and again unite my hands in prayer before sleep to once again, sing praises of unimaginable gratitude.

I am also grateful for having lived round the world, in places I wanted to be and sometimes in places I did not want to be, for those experiences are what created the open heart I have today, one that can exclaim joy for each seagull's song and tide's gentle teasing.

May this week be well for everyone...